Monday, 21 July 2014

All in all

I had the lyrics
You gave my song its beats
My food was being prepared
You added the spice

I thought I couldn’t reach that height
Until you came with the ladder

I was on that lonely road
Then you came along

It was a dark night
Until you brought the light

I was about to fall
Then you lifted me like my knight in shining armour

I smile
But with you, it’s brighter


It’s you

Like a whirling wind
You swept me off my feet
Like the sun
You shine so bright
Like a fishing net
You’ve captured my heart

You are the fairest of them all
Different from the rest
There is none like you
In your embrace
I find solace
Create a permanent room
Cos I’ve come to stay for real

I want to build memories that will last a lifetime with you
I want to be there during the good and bad times
I want to grow old with you
I want to wake up to see you every morning
With you, eternity looks too short

Two sides of a coin

They said you can achieve anything you want
But they also said some people will try to hold you back
They said you can make it in life
But they also said there will be obstacles on the road to success
They said be positive
But they also said it’s easier said than done
They said friends are there to catch you when you fall
But they also said some friends will make or watch you fall
They said money makes the world go round
But they also said money is the root of all evil

They said you just have to be yourself
But they also said some people will not accept you as you are

They said love conquers all
But they also said true love is hard to find

They said you can’t have it all
But they also said some people will still be jealous of you even though they have more

They said you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover
But they also said you’ll be addressed the way you are dressed

They said it’s beautiful
Yet, they said it’s not a bed of roses

Life could be fun, tough, complicated, sweet and unfair sometimes, depending on how we see it
That’s what makes it beautiful

Worlds apart

Your roses are black
Mine are red
I had your back
I don’t care you said

Your sky is green
Mine is blue
I thought you were the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
You treated me like flu

Your water is white
Mine is colourless
I thought life with you is bright
But you cared less

Your leaves are brown
Mine are green
I would gladly give you a crown
But you don’t see me as a queen

Your fire is grey
Mine is red
This is not meant to be, I learnt the hard way
Now I have that stuck in my head


There are some people that are not just going in the same direction with you. Don’t waste your time. Some friendships/relationships are not just meant to be. Don’t force it or push it too far. Know when to let go