Tuesday, 27 June 2017


As you fell on your knees
Saying “I can explain”
The unexplainable hurt I felt at that moment
Is still so fresh
Minutes have rolled into days
But my heart still aches

Tádé, how could you?
How could you forget our vows so soon?
What happened to ‘always and forever’?
What happened to your “Ọlo̒run ló n sọmọ”
And “God’s time is the best”?

So you already have Táǹ̒
The one we’ve been looking for
To think màmá and aunty Ṣadé have been aware all along
Makes me feel like a flower surrounded by thorns
Do they call her mum yàwó wa” too?

Tádé, how could you?
How could you give up on us?
How could you give up on God?

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Drowning in time

Time, the boundless string that binds all
The endless stream that flows in awe
Amazing how the stream flows swiftly from seconds to minutes
With its shores seeming unreachable

Like turbulence at seashore never moves the sea
Man's haste never unsettles time
Yes, they say time waits for no man
I'm wondering, should man rather wait for time

Just yesterday, some said they were in control of the flow
How come all wee see today is their drowning bodies?
They flew on the wings of time in peace
But fell to its wind in pieces

We see footprints as we move
How did those manage to remain on the sands of this ever-flowing stream?
Mystery, like footprints on the rock
Misery, time is a blueprint not to mock

P.S: This is a duet with Mayowa Tijani

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Love Unsaid

"I think I've fallen in love with this girl but I don't even know how to face her. It's just crazy man."

Those were the words I heard as I approached the door
I remember how we all talked and laughed for hours afterwards
And how he acted like he never said those words
remember how I pretended like I didn't hear a thing
And like the 'her' isn't me

This isn't home

This could be us 
But you think I'm too much of this 
And I don't have enough of that

So my eyes watched you walk away
My heart asked why
My head answered "This isn't home"