Friday, 12 May 2017

Letter to my father 2

Your love was more important than seeing me sad
And this kind of makes me mad

As I growl in pain again
I try to find some sunshine in this rain

I think of all the love and life I’ve had to let go
Just because you couldn’t say no

I took to wine
Because the one I love can’t be mine

Drugs have become food
Just like the hospital is now my hood

Death may come knocking anytime
I’ve watched those like me die in their prime

Didn’t you just wonder
How bad it could be for a sickler?

I heard there’s a friend
Who can be with me till the end

I’m waiting to get some light from him
Because mine is going dim

P.S: This isn't a sequel to the previous post. They are all my random thoughts! Feel free to share your thoughts on any of the posts as well.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Letter to my father 1

It’s disheartening
That you walked away like we don’t mean a thing

I wanted to have a daddy
I wanted mummy to be someone’s lady

I watched her hustle day and night
She ensured lack was out of my sight

She said you guys used to be in love
Is there really a thin line between hate and love?

I know she’s made of good stuff
I wonder why she was never enough

I grew up so fast
Believing tough times won’t last

Your baby girl is all grown
She learnt to do things on her own

While she patiently waits for a king which you never were to her
She’ll forever embrace the love and strength of the king woman that raised her