Sunday, 15 June 2014

I am a beautiful monster

I am small but mighty

Dangerous and deadly

Just ask me out once

And I’ll gladly say yes

I’ll stick with you

As long as you create space for me in your heart

I’ll take control of your heart and head

And you’ll hardly think straight

I’ll tell you lies

I’ll make you believe you are who you are not

I’ll never let you grow

I’ll make you doubt everybody around you

Dine with me

But be rest assured that you won’t eat in peace

I’ll constantly remind you of your past

Make you see how miserable the present is

To the point that you’ll not be able to look at tomorrow in the face

I’ll make you lose battles that you’ve not even fought

Even though you know there is a beautiful view at the top

You may never get there cos I’ll hold you down

Trust me…I’ve got the jazz

I’ll kill your dreams

And make you a shadow of yourself

I can kill you slowly if you let me

Trust me…I’ll do that skilfully

I am a beautiful monster

Who do you think I am?

I am Fear!

My enemies are faith, work, trust and prayers

Join hands with them and you will be able to kick me out

Hold on to me or run to them

The decision is left to you to make

If you are not in a relationship with me yet

Don’t even think of it

I am fear

I’m a beautiful monster



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  2. thanks... I'm blushing right now :)

  3. Nice writeup swthrt I hope to someday have. :*

  4. Nice one chubby, I even got scared....thought it was personalised till I got to the end of the piece

    1. LOL! I'm glad I scared you :p Foluso Anonymous

  5. Never mind, you'll get to know someday. Keep this good work up,