Monday, 29 December 2014

With a grateful heart

Staring into space
I look back and think of this current phase
Blood of gratitude flows through my veins in different ways

For some weeks, rather than asking
I've found myself worshipping and praising
Offering my prayers of Thanksgiving

For the times I felt as if I was going through hell
Gbani Gbani ta n saya, I ran to you and I never fell
You are indeed Emmanuel

I have my flaws and I've not been faithful totally
It's not that I'm the best candidate to enjoy the splendor of your royal majesty
Yet Kabiyesi, you love me unconditionally

Your mercies kept me hale and hearty
For me, you've been strong and mighty
Jehovah Jireh, my pocket was never empty

My blessings are countless
If I were to make a list, it will be endless
El Shaddai, great is thy fsithfulness

I look farther
And I see the next phase brighter
I say thank you for I see ahead, heights that are greater

Wishing you all a happy 2015...status is changing... If you're not thanking God, you're wrong!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Walking on the road of solitude
I lose sight of the multitude

On this road of self identity
I find serenity

In this intra-personal relationship
I find true companionship

In a state of this kind
Deep thoughts flood my mind

With the spirit and body closer
The vision becomes clearer

Walking on the road of solitude
I fall in love with myself over again


Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Happiness is a state of mind that’s a function of how you see yourself per time and the attitude you give. It’s not totally a function of some circumstances around you or things we can see (financial capability, social status or circle of friends, physique/looks, academic achievement, family background, relationship status or marital bliss). Sometimes these things can really eat us up and lead to depression. These things one way or the other have something to do with our happiness but they don’t control it…except we actually allow them to. 

If we give material things or people the key to our happiness, they will surely accept it and drive us to a disastrous destination when things don’t go the way we planned. If you still doubt whether these things control our happiness or not, think about those who seem to have it all and are still sad. Think about great achievers who ended up committing suicide. Think about those that have ‘nothing’ and are still so happy as if they just hit a jackpot or something like that. Seeing some orphans, abandoned kids and physically challenged people sometime back, some of us pitied them, thinking they’ve been suffering. But seeing the bright look on the faces of some of these people, I realised that some of them were probably happier than we thought.

I’m sure if we look inwards we’ll find something to be thankful and happy for. If you don’t find, you can still be happy because you are alive and something beautiful is on the way. Some things might have hurt us in the past, but we can still be happy for the lessons we learnt from them. Things might not have gone as planned but we can still be happy because we know God’s plan is the ultimate and He wants us to rejoice and be glad in him always. This is enough to get us excited. When I remember this when I’m down, I know there is hope. Of course, if there are things we can work on to make us better people, we really should. But we shouldn’t kill our minds and even bodies over those we can’t actually control. There is nothing and nobody big or important enough to make you sad. Be happy people…that’s what makes you beautiful :)

Monday, 21 July 2014

All in all

I had the lyrics
You gave my song its beats
My food was being prepared
You added the spice

I thought I couldn’t reach that height
Until you came with the ladder

I was on that lonely road
Then you came along

It was a dark night
Until you brought the light

I was about to fall
Then you lifted me like my knight in shining armour

I smile
But with you, it’s brighter


It’s you

Like a whirling wind
You swept me off my feet
Like the sun
You shine so bright
Like a fishing net
You’ve captured my heart

You are the fairest of them all
Different from the rest
There is none like you
In your embrace
I find solace
Create a permanent room
Cos I’ve come to stay for real

I want to build memories that will last a lifetime with you
I want to be there during the good and bad times
I want to grow old with you
I want to wake up to see you every morning
With you, eternity looks too short

Two sides of a coin

They said you can achieve anything you want
But they also said some people will try to hold you back
They said you can make it in life
But they also said there will be obstacles on the road to success
They said be positive
But they also said it’s easier said than done
They said friends are there to catch you when you fall
But they also said some friends will make or watch you fall
They said money makes the world go round
But they also said money is the root of all evil

They said you just have to be yourself
But they also said some people will not accept you as you are

They said love conquers all
But they also said true love is hard to find

They said you can’t have it all
But they also said some people will still be jealous of you even though they have more

They said you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover
But they also said you’ll be addressed the way you are dressed

They said it’s beautiful
Yet, they said it’s not a bed of roses

Life could be fun, tough, complicated, sweet and unfair sometimes, depending on how we see it
That’s what makes it beautiful