Thursday, 21 April 2016

Shame on death!

With a heavy heart I type
What I’m typing, I don’t really know actually
I see your pictures all over Fb, IG, Whatsapp and BBM
I see all the ‘RIPs’
I see all the ‘we’ll miss you’
And I’m hoping someone will wake me up from this nightmare
And tell me it was just a bad dream
And all is still well

I remember you being wheeled around in the mortuary
And I broke down in tears
Because I couldn’t believe that was really the end
I pass by the cemetery
And memories of how you were lowered into the ground right in front of us flood in

I dial your number sometimes
Hoping I’ll hear your voice at the other end of the line
I wish my phone could ring and I’ll see your name on it
I wish I could wake up to the sweetest message from you
I wish I’ll hear a knock on our door
And see you at the door when I open it
I wish all the beautiful memories could be kept alive
Alive forever

Wondering what’s going to happen to all the passion
The businesses
The dreams
The hopes
The youthfulness
The life
The love

How can forever turn out to be this short?
How do good people just disappear?
How can death be so cruel?
How can someone so full of life become lifeless

Well, I hope you are having a good rest
Send my love to daddy
Tell him I still remember him everyday
Tell him we all miss him
Tell him mummy has been strong
Everybody has been
But now, I don’t know how strong I can get
I don’t know if I have any strength left
But I have to be strong right?
I have to be fine
Yeah, that’s what they say
That’s what everybody wants to see and hear

Help me tell God I think I’m losing it
Tell him to help me to keep on loving him
To keep on moving
To keep on believing

The owner has once again taken one of my dearest people
But what can I do
But believe he knows the best still?
Keep having a good rest till we see again
You’re free from struggles
Free from this cruel world
I won’t say RIP
No, I won’t
How I hate to say this
Sleep, sleep on…