Wednesday, 30 December 2015

My bag of cards

Going through some of my stuff, I saw my bag of cards again. Going through them one after the other, I couldn't help but smile at those beautiful cards with some as old as 12 years. Looking at some of the cards I've received over the years (Birthday, Valentine, Christmas cards), like I do once in a while, I see how the smallest things can mean a lot. I also realised the number of cards declined as the years went by.
 The value of cards have no doubt declined drastically, though many people never cherished them from the start as they feel it's intangible compared to gifts. All the same, cards are lovely pieces that stand the test of time. Yeah, I have collections of gifts (though many have been used and disposed) and there's also the huge collections of good deeds, pictures and memories that are forever in my heart. But somehow, my bag of cards have managed to go everywhere with me.
 Here are some cards in my greeting cards collection😁

Above all, remember anything given or done out of love, whether gifts, someone's presence, time or just a hug, should be appreciated. It shouldn't always be about the price tags.

So here is a big thank you to you all for 2015 and even the previous years. You mean so much to me 😁

Friday, 11 December 2015

The Lonely Road

As I sat down
With tears flowing freely down my cheeks

Memories come flashing back
Like a rushing wind

Thoughts cloud my mind
Thoughts of what was
What could have been
The good, the bad and the ugly

I’ve been through this road before
Yet, history repeats itself

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Where my heart used to be

Where are those days?
The happy days where there was so much to look forward to
Where are those moments?
The amazing moments that took my breath away
Where are those actions?
The cute actions that blew my mind
Where are those words?
The sweet words that made my heart melt
Where are those times?
The times you were there when you should be
Where are those promises?
The reassuring promises that kept the spark alive
Where are those hugs?
The warm hugs that made me feel at home

Where are those ears?
The ears that listened to me
Where are those eyes?
The lovely eyes that made my eyes light up
Where is that heart?
The beautiful heart so good and true
Where is that future?
The bright future we were building
Where is that time?
The undivided time you had for me

Were they all lies?
Please tell me they were not

My eyes can see
But they don’t see you anymore
My ears hear clearly
But your words have gone faint
My heart still feels strong things
But it’s back to default
Where you met it
Where it’s used to
Where it loves to be
It's back to  me
I’ve crawled back to my shell


Thursday, 19 November 2015

5 Reasons you can’t concentrate

Have you tried to work but it seems like something is holding you back from starting? Do tasks that you carry out on a normal day now seem difficult for you to do?  Do you feel so distracted with so many mails, deadlines, family issues and even social media? Do you find it difficult to remember the tiniest details? Do you feel like you just can’t concentrate and you are wondering what’s going on with you? Here are 5 things that could be responsible for your lack of concentration:
  1. Stress
We sometimes feel stressed out when we have so much to do at a particular time. We should have it in mind though, that stress may not necessarily come up as a result of physical activities alone; one could experience psychological stress as a result of traumas or when the mind is burdened with a lot of thoughts. Stress could get worse than we think when we don't have enough rest and sleep.The ability to multitask is good, and for most of us, it’s a part of life ...but where do we draw the line between multitasking and overstressing ourselves?
Tips: Take a break once in awhile to relax. Take a walk, go on vacation, do something new, exercise, go see a movie, listen to good music, read a nice book, enjoy solitude once in awhile. Just do something that takes your mind off work and worries and keeps you alive. A 10 minutes walk could be all you need to relax after a long day. Above all, sleep well. There’s nothing as rejuvenating as a sound sleep.
  1. Your environment
The effect of environment on our productivity and state of mind cannot be overemphasized. A clumsy desk, inadequate ventilation, poor lighting, uncomfortable chairs and noise to name a few could affect your level of concentration.
Tips: Try to work in a clean, ventilated and bright environment with comfortable furniture. Discover what works well for you. For example, some people work well with distractions around while some cannot concentrate where there is noise. It all depends on what you feel comfortable with.

office space
  1. Food
Not eating right could deprive you of some essential nutrients your body needs and leave you prone to diseases. Also, hunger and dehydration could slow you down make you focus less on the work at hand.
Tips: Take enough water, eat balanced diet and eat at the right time. You must have experienced at different times, a whole new energy to do something you found difficult before. Feeling tired? Food and water could just be the magic you need.
fruits                food
  1. Poor job satisfaction
Many people are stuck with jobs they don’t like and sometimes find it difficult to quit because they probably need the money. When you are not enjoying what you do, concentrating becomes a big deal. When you don’t have access to things that can keep you positively engaged, you tend to get tired easily irritated.
Tips: Yes, things will not always go the way we want in life. But in the midst of it all, discover your talents, find out what makes you tick and work towards doing things you love in any little way you can. In the midst of chaos, find out that thing that puts a smile on your face and just like one of my favourite quotes goes...’when life shows you pepper, make pepper soup’
  1. Lack of plan/ Improper planning
Each day comes with its unique opportunities, expectations and tasks. It’s easy  to get everything mumbled up when we don’t really have a grasp of what we need to do and how to go about it. We fail to achieve much without a plan.
Tips: When faced with a lot of tasks, make sure you have an idea of what they are about, have a plan as per how you intend to carry them out. Also, learn to prioritize as some tasks may need urgent attention while some can wait.

It's time to get back on track!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Owner

We had you for a while
But the true owner took you away
Without notice

I never knew this will come up so soon
It's been so good having you around
We shared the sad and happy times
You gave the world around you your best
It really hurts that everything came to an end in just a twinkle of an eye
But hey! What can we do about it now?

I'm tempted to ask why
But that I will never do
The owner has control over everything
Who am I to ask why?

I'm tempted to break down and cry
But I'll hold myself
The owner has done the best for the moment
Why do I have to cry again?

It hurts that we watched the one that was full of life
Lie down lifeless
Words can't take back the shock
Condolences can't erase the pain
Tears will not b able to clean the hurt
Only the owner can give peace to our heavy hearts
And give us a lasting comfort

All we can still say is thank you
Because the owner has come to take you
To a beautiful place
A place of rest
Where there is no stress
A place of peace
Where there is no war
A place of wealth
Where lack doesn't exist
A place of joy
Where there is no sickness or mourning

We love you so much
But the owner loves you more
Have a wonderful rest in a world free of turmoil

This is dedicated to everyone that has lost a dear one. The true consolation can only come from God, the one that owns us all. May God give us the strength to carry on in difficult times like this. May the helper of the helpless uphold us.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Hands and head

Mind free to wander
Wander far away
Imaginations running deep
Numerous questions come to mind

Hands moving smoothly
Smoothly turning ideas to reality
Fire burning within
Passion unquenchable

Eyes seeing the unseen
Unseen things coming to life
Watching a seed germinate
Beholding a flower blossom

My heart races at the thought of things to come
My eyes light up at the sight of beauty
My eyes tingle at the words of inspiration
No matter the outcome
It’s always worth the sweat
It’s always worth the time

Monday, 8 June 2015

My Rainbow of many colours

Yesterday is gone
Gone with the wind
Today is here
Here with a lot to offer
Tomorrow is on the way
On the way with things far beyond your imagination

That chapter has ended
But the book hasn't
Don't close the book yet
Because there are still a lot of chapters you need to read

You took the wrong path
Yeah, we all do sometimes my friend
Find your way back to the right path
Because the journey isn't over yet.

You are growing weary
Yeah, we are all humans
But the race isn't over yet
And I'm sure you don't want to miss the medal.

I call life a book of many chapters
A Rainbow of many colours
A staircase of many steps

It's time to retrace our steps
It's time to keep pressing on
We are not looking back
Spreading our wings
Ready to fly.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Noise within and without

Blaring horns
Shouting people
Deafening music
Bubbling parties

Worried hearts
Troubled minds
Aching heads
Teary eyes

Outward and inward noise
Battles with the world
And battles with self
Insatiable thirst for happiness

Stillness is all my soul longs for
Relied is all my heart desires
Calmness is all I crave for
Peace is my utmost desire

Peace in a disturbed world
Order in a chaotic nation
Love in a troubled home
Quiet in a noisy mind

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Another look at forgiveness

When you hear the word forgiveness, what comes to your mind? You probably think of A offending or hurting B and B overlooking it and letting go. God expects us to forgive others as he forgives us of our own sins. But taking a look further, we see that it goes beyond that.

How about a case where you don't forgive yourself? What happens when you 'offend' yourself? What do you do when you feel you've caused something bad for yourself? This could be as a result of anything. It could be a past sin that keeps haunting you like a ghost. Maybe you've asked for forgiveness and God has actually forgiven you...but the devil keeps reminding you of it and this leaves you bitter. The unforgiving attitude may be due to feelings of inadequacy.  You probably think you're not doing well enough now because you made a mistake in the past. It could be that you didn't do what you should have done or you let a good opportunity slip away; maybe you neglected your family or friends when they really needed you and now you've not forgiven yourself because you feel they've not forgiven you. Maybe your marriage didn't work and you think it was all your fault. Maybe some of these things have cost you a lot in your life, but that shouldn't be the end of your story.

We are humans and that's why there will be times we make mistakes and times we fall short of the expectations people have for us and those we have for ourselves.

Whatever the case may be, there's someone whispering to you now, if only you'll listen. He's telling you that you've been forgiven, he's telling you to learn from those mistakes and be a better person, he's telling you to keep moving forward and not backward, he's telling you to forgive yourself.