Friday, 27 June 2014

Life was good, until this happened…

The waters were still

Until that stone was dropped

The cloth was white

Until that blood stained it

The dress was beautiful

Until that rat made a hole in it

The house was magnificent

Until that flood came and destroyed it

The legs were beautiful

Until that car crushed them

The skin was glowing

Until that hot water killed its shine

Adam and Eve were living happily without guilt

Until that serpent came

The ride was smooth

Until that bump obstructed the flow

Life was good and your heart was peaceful

Until you made that decision

Until you took that step

Until you said those words

Until you did that thing

This is what sin does to us. This is what happens when we go in the wrong direction. This is what happens when we let our conscience die. This is what happens when we say those hurtful words that can never be taken back. This is what happens when greed takes over. This is what happens when the wicked ones are left to enjoy and the innocent and harmless ones are made to go through pain. This is what happens when there is bloodshed everywhere. This is what happens when we give in to the pleasure of now without thinking of the torture that may come tomorrow. This is what happens when we take decisions without thinking twice. This is what happens when we side-line God in our life.

It spoils beautiful things. Suddenly or gradually, it kills us. It takes away our peace. It leaves us broken. It makes us hurt people that deserve our love. It draws us away from God. It steals our joy.

Nobody is a saint and nobody is perfect but we can try to work towards it. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible either. Let’s make things right as much as we can. Those that have gone bad may not be able to come back again but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work on the little left. It’s not too late to make a good change. It’s not too late to stand firm.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

I am a beautiful monster

I am small but mighty

Dangerous and deadly

Just ask me out once

And I’ll gladly say yes

I’ll stick with you

As long as you create space for me in your heart

I’ll take control of your heart and head

And you’ll hardly think straight

I’ll tell you lies

I’ll make you believe you are who you are not

I’ll never let you grow

I’ll make you doubt everybody around you

Dine with me

But be rest assured that you won’t eat in peace

I’ll constantly remind you of your past

Make you see how miserable the present is

To the point that you’ll not be able to look at tomorrow in the face

I’ll make you lose battles that you’ve not even fought

Even though you know there is a beautiful view at the top

You may never get there cos I’ll hold you down

Trust me…I’ve got the jazz

I’ll kill your dreams

And make you a shadow of yourself

I can kill you slowly if you let me

Trust me…I’ll do that skilfully

I am a beautiful monster

Who do you think I am?

I am Fear!

My enemies are faith, work, trust and prayers

Join hands with them and you will be able to kick me out

Hold on to me or run to them

The decision is left to you to make

If you are not in a relationship with me yet

Don’t even think of it

I am fear

I’m a beautiful monster


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

In search of beauty

We are in a world where the word opposite exists. As a result of this, we have the words beautiful and ugly. The truth is no one is totally beautiful or flawless and no one is totally ugly, just like nobody is totally good or totally bad.

People just have one thing or the other to complain about. We have cases of people who think they are too short or too tall. Some say they are too skinny and some feel they are just too fat. Some are teased frequently about their 'funny' shape of head. Some get pissed each time they look at their pimples-full face. Some are made to believe they have a terrible skin. Some get worried because they think they have a bad set of teeth or big eyeballs...the list just goes on and on. 

Many people suffer low self esteem because they have been labeled ugly. They have accepted the fact that they are ugly. So, they believe there's someone beautiful out there and they will never be like that. So, they probably stop paying attention to themselves. They tend to throw themselves at people especially the opposite sex, simply seeking some attention and acceptance. And once they find someone that accepts them or pretends to accept them, they hold on to the person so tight, they close their eyes to this person's flaws and they don't mind if the person even hurts them. They just want to enjoy the feeling that someone finds them a bit attractive. Some of these people keep wallowing in self pity about the fact that they are ugly while some take a step further by getting ways to look beautiful by all means which in the end, may lead to a disaster.

Some other people just want to feel good about themselves and be noticed. So, even though they hear it so many times that they are pretty, they are just scared of ever looking ugly. In search of beauty, these people sometimes go to the extreme. They go to any length just to be attractive or called beautiful. They use all the make up they can lay their hands on, do all the available surgeries, buy the most expensive clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, weave-on...but the sad truth is that most times they look worse than they really are. They fail to understand that these things are meant to enhance your look a bit and not transform you into something you are not.

The beautiful truth is that we are all beauty in our own different and special way. Beauty, they say is in the eye of the beholder but you don't have to wait for people to tell you you are beautiful or ugly. Nobody has the right to define who you are. True beauty starts from you acknowledging the fact that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and beautiful/handsome beyond measure. It's more of a state of mind. It comes from within.You...yes, YOU are amazing just the way you are. :)

Isn't there more to music?

Sometimes, listening to some songs or watching their videos just makes me sick. It appears these songs are majorly about two things; it’s either girls are shaking their booty or they create scenario of someone having money and overspending it. And all these make me wonder if that’s all about music. Isn’t there more to music?
There are so many things happening around but they still dwell so much on these two things. What happened to singing about peace and unity among different tribes, religions and nations of the world? How about singing to pass across messages about love that is unconditional, that is not after a lady’s waist alone? How about singing to comfort those that are going through hard times or those living with a particular disease? Or singing to actually express yourself or pour out your mind on a particular matter? What of something on womanhood or motherhood? How about singing to encourage children/youths to work hard and believe they can be who they want to be? There are people that have come up with really nice songs about some of these things and some other things as well but they are few and that doesn’t even happen often.

Well…I’m not saying any song is bad… but as much as anyone wants to sing a danceable song or a song that will definitely attract a lot of attention, I feel a song shouldn’t just be about the beat alone but also the lyrics. The theme, content and concept of the song are equally important. Different people are singing the same kind of songs. Maybe these songs are entertaining but there should be some form of depth and variety in music…music is life and variety is the spice of life.