Friday, 27 June 2014

Life was good, until this happened…

The waters were still

Until that stone was dropped

The cloth was white

Until that blood stained it

The dress was beautiful

Until that rat made a hole in it

The house was magnificent

Until that flood came and destroyed it

The legs were beautiful

Until that car crushed them

The skin was glowing

Until that hot water killed its shine

Adam and Eve were living happily without guilt

Until that serpent came

The ride was smooth

Until that bump obstructed the flow

Life was good and your heart was peaceful

Until you made that decision

Until you took that step

Until you said those words

Until you did that thing

This is what sin does to us. This is what happens when we go in the wrong direction. This is what happens when we let our conscience die. This is what happens when we say those hurtful words that can never be taken back. This is what happens when greed takes over. This is what happens when the wicked ones are left to enjoy and the innocent and harmless ones are made to go through pain. This is what happens when there is bloodshed everywhere. This is what happens when we give in to the pleasure of now without thinking of the torture that may come tomorrow. This is what happens when we take decisions without thinking twice. This is what happens when we side-line God in our life.

It spoils beautiful things. Suddenly or gradually, it kills us. It takes away our peace. It leaves us broken. It makes us hurt people that deserve our love. It draws us away from God. It steals our joy.

Nobody is a saint and nobody is perfect but we can try to work towards it. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible either. Let’s make things right as much as we can. Those that have gone bad may not be able to come back again but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work on the little left. It’s not too late to make a good change. It’s not too late to stand firm.