Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Isn't there more to music?

Sometimes, listening to some songs or watching their videos just makes me sick. It appears these songs are majorly about two things; it’s either girls are shaking their booty or they create scenario of someone having money and overspending it. And all these make me wonder if that’s all about music. Isn’t there more to music?
There are so many things happening around but they still dwell so much on these two things. What happened to singing about peace and unity among different tribes, religions and nations of the world? How about singing to pass across messages about love that is unconditional, that is not after a lady’s waist alone? How about singing to comfort those that are going through hard times or those living with a particular disease? Or singing to actually express yourself or pour out your mind on a particular matter? What of something on womanhood or motherhood? How about singing to encourage children/youths to work hard and believe they can be who they want to be? There are people that have come up with really nice songs about some of these things and some other things as well but they are few and that doesn’t even happen often.

Well…I’m not saying any song is bad… but as much as anyone wants to sing a danceable song or a song that will definitely attract a lot of attention, I feel a song shouldn’t just be about the beat alone but also the lyrics. The theme, content and concept of the song are equally important. Different people are singing the same kind of songs. Maybe these songs are entertaining but there should be some form of depth and variety in music…music is life and variety is the spice of life.

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