Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Happiness is a state of mind that’s a function of how you see yourself per time and the attitude you give. It’s not totally a function of some circumstances around you or things we can see (financial capability, social status or circle of friends, physique/looks, academic achievement, family background, relationship status or marital bliss). Sometimes these things can really eat us up and lead to depression. These things one way or the other have something to do with our happiness but they don’t control it…except we actually allow them to. 

If we give material things or people the key to our happiness, they will surely accept it and drive us to a disastrous destination when things don’t go the way we planned. If you still doubt whether these things control our happiness or not, think about those who seem to have it all and are still sad. Think about great achievers who ended up committing suicide. Think about those that have ‘nothing’ and are still so happy as if they just hit a jackpot or something like that. Seeing some orphans, abandoned kids and physically challenged people sometime back, some of us pitied them, thinking they’ve been suffering. But seeing the bright look on the faces of some of these people, I realised that some of them were probably happier than we thought.

I’m sure if we look inwards we’ll find something to be thankful and happy for. If you don’t find, you can still be happy because you are alive and something beautiful is on the way. Some things might have hurt us in the past, but we can still be happy for the lessons we learnt from them. Things might not have gone as planned but we can still be happy because we know God’s plan is the ultimate and He wants us to rejoice and be glad in him always. This is enough to get us excited. When I remember this when I’m down, I know there is hope. Of course, if there are things we can work on to make us better people, we really should. But we shouldn’t kill our minds and even bodies over those we can’t actually control. There is nothing and nobody big or important enough to make you sad. Be happy people…that’s what makes you beautiful :)

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