Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Owner

We had you for a while
But the true owner took you away
Without notice

I never knew this will come up so soon
It's been so good having you around
We shared the sad and happy times
You gave the world around you your best
It really hurts that everything came to an end in just a twinkle of an eye
But hey! What can we do about it now?

I'm tempted to ask why
But that I will never do
The owner has control over everything
Who am I to ask why?

I'm tempted to break down and cry
But I'll hold myself
The owner has done the best for the moment
Why do I have to cry again?

It hurts that we watched the one that was full of life
Lie down lifeless
Words can't take back the shock
Condolences can't erase the pain
Tears will not b able to clean the hurt
Only the owner can give peace to our heavy hearts
And give us a lasting comfort

All we can still say is thank you
Because the owner has come to take you
To a beautiful place
A place of rest
Where there is no stress
A place of peace
Where there is no war
A place of wealth
Where lack doesn't exist
A place of joy
Where there is no sickness or mourning

We love you so much
But the owner loves you more
Have a wonderful rest in a world free of turmoil

This is dedicated to everyone that has lost a dear one. The true consolation can only come from God, the one that owns us all. May God give us the strength to carry on in difficult times like this. May the helper of the helpless uphold us.