Saturday, 14 December 2013

Do you think I really want to listen to that?!

There's something that I have seen and still see as awkward. It has to do with the funny way people act in public transport. It's something that happens often. This funny, and sometimes not funny act pushed me to write this.

Recently, I boarded a bus and not long after the bus moved, one of the passengers started playing music from his phone ('chinko' i guess... :) ). If it was audible enough and not so loud, maybe it would have been better but it wasn't. To me, it was something far from was simply noise! Guess everybody has some form of freedom to do whatever they want but shouldn't there be a limit?

On another beautiful day in a cab, the cab driver 'entertained' us by playing Saheed Osupa's songs not bothered if we were truly entertained or not. I had to BEG him when I needed to receive a call. And when the call ended, before I could say Jack, the volume was up again!

Another funny example is that which happened recently in a bus. A passenger was practically shouting and telling us issues he had with people working with him till he allighted from the bus, all in the name of making a phone call. Hearing him talk on phone, one could actually summarise what he has been up to lately and the issues he's having with his driver. This kind of thing just makes me wonder if there isn't more to the phone call. Maybe he just wanted attention of other passengers or something.

I wonder why people have earphones/ear piece and refuse to use it when they really should. I don't think there's anything stopping you from using ear phone if you want to listen to songs on your phone when you are in a public place. And if you want to make or receive a call that's meant to be personal or confidential and there are many people around, you'll be doing yourself and those around you a whole lot of good by keeping your voice a bit down.

Anytime I experience or remember things like those I mentioned earlier, I just can't help but ask myself "why was earphone invented?"...and sometimes I wish I could scream "DO YOU THINK I REALLY WANT TO LISTEN TO THAT?!

Hopefully, someday when I get my own car, i won't have to worry about all that :)

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