Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Hello...It's Chistmas

This season, December generally is a time of the year that carries so much with it. No matter how much you want to ignore the whole ‘paparazzi’, you can’t help but notice/feel the excitement in the air. With extensive shopping, traffic jam, long queues everywhere including banks, carols, parties, green and red things, hampers and so on, whether you like it or not, you’ll know there is something happening.

It’s Christmas eve and it’s just some minutes to the D-day. Looking back at past years, this season brings back memories. I remember years back when I was always so excited about Christmas because I saw it as a time to get gifts, new clothes, shoes and all kinds of accessories, a time to eat and drink like there’s no tomorrow, a time when everywhere gets decorated and super beautiful, a time to sing Christmas songs and listen to stories about the birth of Jesus and a time to entertain visitors and visit other people too. We were also made to believe there’s really a Father Christmas somewhere whose work was to give people gifts and make children happy at Christmas. I remember the times we visited Father Christmas and he gave us gifts and then, we were told to take pictures with him. As time went on, the reality of the whole thing gradually dawned on me. Even though I knew at some point that Father Christmas doesn’t exist for real and he could be anyone dressed in red and white robe, I couldn’t help but play along and enjoy the celebration. Well…all that is history now…but all the same, those times were good times and seeing kids getting excited about all these things puts a smile on my face.

Christmas is here again with so much excitement with the hustle and bustle. No matter what’s been happening around or on your mind from January till date, let go and enjoy it while it lasts. And don’t forget Jesus is the reason for the season. There is no Christmas without Christ. We should also try to celebrate Jesus in our own way every day. This shouldn’t be limited to December 25th alone.

Merry Christmas everyone and I wish you a wonderful 2014 ahead J


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