Saturday, 5 April 2014

Through the cycle

From the bright and beautiful vision...

Through the great zeal
The burning passion
The unique enthusiasm
The fierce fight
The tough struggles
The strong hope and faith
The encouragement...

To the fatal disappointments
The lost battles
The over-shadowing fears and worries
The bitter tears
The killed morale
The direct and indirect insults...

Now to the keen anticipation
The great expectation
The unavoidable eagerness to breath the air of freedom
To heave a sigh of relief
To have a sleep of peace
And to have a shout of victory...
...that of a conqueror

Through the cycle...with the good, the bad and the ugly, she's still standing...keeping her fingers crossed


  1. *Coughs* I have a feeling this is about Graduation, well if not, it can be likened to it! It's really been a tough struggle...but all-in-all, God has been faithful. The cycle continues though, just that this time, it's in a new phase! Congrats!

  2. yeah yeah...that's d way it is. thanks