Sunday, 27 April 2014


Money makes the world go round. How true is that? Money answereth all things, they say but does it actually answer ALL things? Money is beautiful and can get you beautiful things but the question is how far are we willing to go to get it and are we willing to go that far to get those things our money can’t get for us?
We are in a world where it seems money is everything, a world where the poor man hardly has a say. We are in a society where people go to any length to get money even if it will cost them the life of a member of their family, friends or even a part of their bodies. The crime rate is so high because everybody wants to make money at any cost. We are in an extravagant society where everybody wants to show off and wants to be noticed. And all these things just make me wonder if money is really everything, if there isn’t more to life than making money, if there aren't many other things to chase after. It makes me wonder why we feel sad because we don’t have as much money as we want when there are so many other things to be grateful for.
Money can get you cars, houses and other luxurious things but can it buy you peace of mind?
You can buy drugs and pay doctors for treatment but would you not rather have good health that money can’t give?
Money can get you nice clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and make up but can it give you true beauty that comes from within and radiates on the outside?
With money, you can afford to go to a school of your choice, pay your school fees and buy all the books and materials you need but does that guarantee intelligence? Will that alone give you wisdom and courage to face life’s challenges?
Money can get you people’s attention but does it get you their true respect?
Money can get you a girl’s body but can it get you her heart and love? If she stays because of money, what happens when the money goes?
You may drop millions of naira for tithes and offerings or to build a church, but does that give you an automatic ticket to heaven?
…and I can go on and on
Don’t get me wrong. Money is good and it’s good we all have it. But as much as we want money, I think we should work hard and stick to legitimate ways of making money. Before cutting corners, taking bad decisions, duping people, selling our bodies, going against the law or disobeying God, let’s ponder on the questions above. Rather than sit and wallow in self pity because we are broke at the moment, let us thank God for things we have and keep praying and trusting for those we don’t yet. Let us think of and pursue things like love, respect, self fulfillment, passion to pursue our dreams, zeal to make a difference, good health, inner peace, loyalty, heaven, wisdom…which money will never give us.


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