Thursday, 3 December 2015

Where my heart used to be

Where are those days?
The happy days where there was so much to look forward to
Where are those moments?
The amazing moments that took my breath away
Where are those actions?
The cute actions that blew my mind
Where are those words?
The sweet words that made my heart melt
Where are those times?
The times you were there when you should be
Where are those promises?
The reassuring promises that kept the spark alive
Where are those hugs?
The warm hugs that made me feel at home

Where are those ears?
The ears that listened to me
Where are those eyes?
The lovely eyes that made my eyes light up
Where is that heart?
The beautiful heart so good and true
Where is that future?
The bright future we were building
Where is that time?
The undivided time you had for me

Were they all lies?
Please tell me they were not

My eyes can see
But they don’t see you anymore
My ears hear clearly
But your words have gone faint
My heart still feels strong things
But it’s back to default
Where you met it
Where it’s used to
Where it loves to be
It's back to  me
I’ve crawled back to my shell


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