Wednesday, 14 December 2016



Gradually, year 2016 is drawing its curtains and we are probably still wondering how time flew. Yes, time flies! Many of us are joyful that we made it this far and are looking forward to the Christmas/New year holidays and the fun activities that come with them. That is beautiful. However, we must not forget that this is also a good time to reminisce about the year. 

While we are looking forward to year 2017 expectantly, we should also take some time to take stock of our year. We should reflect on the good, bad and ugly things that have happened. We should appreciate God for bringing us this far and for blessing us beyond our understanding. This is also a time to celebrate ourselves for what we’ve been able to achieve this year. Some people may say the year has been a tough one or say they couldn’t achieve anything…but trust me, if you think back deeply, you’ll surely find at least one good thing you did. And isn’t being alive at this moment despite all odds worthy of celebration? I bet it is! As we are doing this however, we should look at the other side of it all. Before we get carried away, we should look at those important things we’ve left undone, the bad habits we’ve not dropped and things like that. This is not for us to feel like a loser or fall into self-pity, it should serve as a check and a reminder that there’s still a lot ahead of us and as a propeller to move us into having the determination to make the most of the coming year.
Are you down because some prayers are still unanswered? Remember, he makes all things beautiful in HIS time. Are you still holding a grudge against that person? It’s time to let go and let God have his way. Are you feeling bad because it feels like you’ve achieved little or nothing this year? There’s always room for improvement; God is not done with us. Smile and spread love as much as you can this season and never forget the reason for the season-Jesus.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year in advance!