Thursday, 5 September 2013



On a beautiful day about a month ago, I left home for school (UI).
Some minutes after the journey started, I started reading meanings to things I saw and I couldn't explain why. The route isn't one I'm not familiar with, as I have lost count of the number of times I have taken this route in the last 5 yrs. Yet, I saw things in a new dimension that day.
From the cab men at Fodacis to the teachers and nurses (I guessed) along Adeoyo road to the policemen at 'Iyana Adeoyo' to those men that forcefully collected money from the cab men at all bus stops, I saw something common to all.

We passed through schools, offices,hotels,eateries,boutiques,banks,petrol/gas filling stations...and something in me told me the owners are all after one thing.
Passing through Dugbe, Mokola/roundabout and Sango, there were many shops with different goods ranging from clothes to shoes and bags,food items,electronics, books and home appliances to mention a few. Many of the shop owners were trying to get the attention of those passing by. Those hawking different things such as snacks, cold water and soft drinks were not left behind in this struggle. And again, I knew they were all after something.
Listening to the drivers and passengers nagging about one thing or the other, watching bike men and drivers of both commercial and private cars shouting at one another on top of their voices, I knew there was more to it.
I got to UI after the whole drama and as I walked to the gate, I saw students with faces portraying happiness, sadness, worry and stress...the reason wasn't far-fetched.
As usual, the bus drivers/conductors were reciting their anthem "Idia, Awo, CBT, enter with your change", "St Annes, Baptist, Idia, enter with your 15 naira, no 5 naira change". They know why they do this, I thought.
I finally got to my room in Idia and I sat down thinking... Then I got a clear picture of everything...I came to the conclusion that everything I saw only shows that everyone is trying to make something out of life, trying to do something to earn a living, looking for ways to get food on their table, struggling to be somebody in life, trying all they can to get MONEY and those things their money can get them...this is the market called LIFE, that we've found ourselves in.
This is the way many of us go through life struggling,hustling,fighting,reading, buying, selling...without actually LIVING.
Then I remembered..."what then shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his life...?"
and I thought and I'm still thinking ...what then is life all about?...and what happens after somethings we see disappear later?...
May God teach us the true meaning of life and how to live to fulfill purpose


  1. That is the market called life...i love that phrase, that analogy so so apt!