Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Some people come into our lives
And make a difference
They give our lives the right spice
And with them, everything makes sense
No matter what happens
They remain in our hearts
This is because they have influenced us
Whether good or bad
They were there when others didn't bother
They provided their shoulders to cry on
They understood like none other
They made sacrifices just to see you as bright as the sun
The mark they've made
Can never be erased
Not even distance can take that away
With them, out of sight is not out of mind
When you remember them sometimes, you want to hit replay
'Cos someone like them, you may never find
Somehow you wish they'll feel the same way about you
So you'll be sure you are not alone in this
Some may still be very much around you
And some may not be
Some you remember and smile
Beautiful things they've done come rushing back
And you think of some and feel a bit of sadness/regret for a while
"Cos they left too soon or didn't have your back
As bad as it may be
You remember the good times you shared
The fact remains there for you to see
That the memories will for ever be there.

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