Thursday, 5 September 2013


Standing, looking at you eyeball to eyeball
In front of family and friends whose piercing looks almost made me fall
I see the joy in your heart through your eyes
And this makes my ecstasy level rise
I used to wonder how this day would be
But I feel so refreshed as it all unfolds right in front of me
Words can't describe how I feel right now
Because even calling it happiness will be a foul
I'm not feeling this way because of the beauty of today and the glamour associated with the ceremony alone
But most importantly because I know I will be spending the rest of my life with the most amazing man I have ever known
I'm glad we made it here
Against all odds and fear
All I used to hear around me made it seem that men are the same everywhere
And I almost believed I swear
But you proved people wrong
And now, I'm sprung
Thanks for showing me the true meaning of love
It's crystal clear that ours has been destined to be from above
Out of a million guys who took part in the race hitting hard on the pedal
You made it to the finish line and got the gold medal
You bring out the best in me
With you I know what true love should be
I can always count on you because you are ever reliable
And the peace I've found with you is unbeatable
There are broken marriages/homes everywhere around
But I bet ours will be a model for the ones on ground
I'm sure God is smiling right now because he's proud of us
And even our unborn children can't wait to join our wonderful force
I do promise you unconditional love,care and support in all we do
And I mean every bit of it as we say... "I DO"
.....dedicated to all the beautiful couples around....
I hope to say this someday....:-) :-)...

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