Friday, 22 November 2013

Would you?

This is me just thinking. Think about these too...especially you boys/guys/men...whatever

Would you still love her after you've gotten the keys to her heart?

Would you not take her for granted after she has agreed to spend the rest of her life with you?

Would you still look at her with so much admiration when she's wearing her shorts and t-shirt with no make-up on?

Would you still think she's cute when her flat tummy turns to a drum while carrying your baby?

Would you call her sexy even when she adds weight after delivery ?

Would she still be your baby when her innocent looks gradually disappear?

Would it remain "for better, for worse" when she's not able to conceive within the early years of marriage?

Would you stand by her side and still make her feel special if she ever suffers a deadly disease like cancer?

Would your shoulders be forever available in case of times she needs a shoulder to cry on?

Would you be willing to take up the role of a husband, brother and father simultaneously?

Would you be there to watch the stars with her when all she has left on her head is gray hair?

Would you still gladly take a walk with her even when your muscles have begun to lose their firmness and your bones, their strength?

Would she be able to look back after forty years and say "I love you and I'm so glad I met you" from the deepest part of her heart?

Would you be able to look straight into her eyes and say "I love you too"

Would you?

...I hope the questions are not many :)

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